Hello world!

First blog post… Why not start with this widespread, familiar sentence us programmers know so well? It was also the title for WordPress’ (automatic) first post, so I thought: why change it?

This blog is probably the realization of a long latent, dormant idea of having a personal website. A place to put little programs/utilities I tend to do every once in a while, be it as a fancy repository for myself in the future or as a place to share with others; ideas or cool things I found out by myself and, as such, have no way to bookmark in del.icio.us or similar… 😉

It was inspired by a enthusiastic reaction of a friend of mine after I told him of a cool thing I thought of, and which sounded very clever and helpful for me. At that exact moment, I felt the urge to share things with the world, and I went on this blogging spree.

I’m not sure what the future will bring (if I’ll keep this on WordPress or if I’ll eventually take a step further and make a real website), but I plan on posting cool stuff that computer geeks, programmers, linux users and people alike (that should be enough to cover you) might find useful or interesting.

Hope you like it! Please leave a comment when you stop by, it is good to know we’re not writing to ourselves sometimes, and what people think about it! 😎