About me

My name is Eduardo and I’m pursuing a Master’s degree in Informatics at PUC-Rio, Brazil. That means I live in Rio de Janeiro, which is a very beautiful city. You should come and visit sometime!

I am a Linux enthusiast, and would recommend it to anyone willing to listen. My programming language of choice is Python, but for more performance-sensitive tasks I go with C/C++. Using Git for revision control is also another topic very high on my list.

I’m doing research in some very cool topics related to the Internet, such as web crawlers and information retrieval, and even co-authored some papers. You can learn more about all this on my academic web page. Hopefully, I will update it often enough.

I also like to compete in algorithm contests. I’m now too old for the ACM ICPC, but I managed to go to the World Finals 2010 in Harbin, China before my compulsory retirement. I’m currently coaching PUC-Rio’s teams, and having a blast!

I hope you like what I have to say. I don’t plan on posting much, but posting interesting and quality stuff that is scattered around the web, or that I have learned the hard way. So please check back every once in a while, or subscribe to the RSS! See you soon… šŸ˜Ž

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